Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Looks like a wrap for 2016

It looks like a wrap for 2016 Bird Hunting...Woodcock season closed Nov 14th...Muzzleloader for deer is on till Dec 11th..depending on snow pack you can hunt Grouse till Dec 31st...Please follow my fly fishing and ice fishing blogs...Thank you for following! Be safe and respect landowners and other bird hunters!

Flight Birds 2016

Flight birds were on time and were nice. Every night for about 12 days good numbers of woodcock came through for a visit!
Oyster mushrooms are always a welcome bonus! YUMMY The honest reason for posting like this after the season is over...I was nice busy but there seems to be more and more lurkers who I have to compete with to put my clients into birds...I get it! But it doesn't mean I like it

Mid Season 2016

There was a bunch of rain days that I didn't snap pixs...those of you who have ever tried to pluck wet woodcock understand!

Early Season 2016

The 2016 Vermont bird season was awesome! A picture is worth a 1000 words...these couple posts are all being posted today coving the whole season.
Deer ticks in bird season are a real issue...these two products eliminate the issue!